nice work, seen on Empty Mirror. In May visited Thessa (museums) and later Orma. gradually posting photos. Must say: assemblage for me comes first..
best wishes, Drager
drager meurtant

Maybe I'm amazed!!!

Awesome Images> Thanks for the great work.
Orva Schrock


Se anavasa facebook
apo to
Asterios Rimpas

eleusinian epitaph

Hello there and congratulations! I went through the quotations on your site and would like to ask you whether you can help me find the eleusinian epitaph "Truly the blessed gods have proclaimed a most beautiful secret: Death comes not as a curse, but as a blessing to men." in its original form in ancient greek.

Thank you and all the best,

Xaire Kon!

Xaire Kon!

Thx 3ana gia to "triptyxo"...I really appreciate it! Poly dynates oi nees sou b&W fwto+photoshop! Kapoia erga sou mou fernoun kata nou ton "mega" Francis Bacon, kapoies alles fwto 8ymizoun Amerikanous "street-photographers" tou ' 70...Way to go , mate! H texnh sou eisai esy, telika! Eyge ;-)

Meta timhs!

Spyridon _
Spyros Kaprinis

nice site!

I came across your site while Googling for a Herman Hesse quote....
Barry Brolley


So I started out the day online trying to hunt down a copy of Hermann Hesse's "Glance into Chaos" and somehow ended up here at your website. I don't even know what to say but that I am so glad I did. For someone who rarely feels at home in this world, it's nice to stumble across people and places and things I can relate to. Your art is awesome for lack of a better word, and I love how you listed out all those quotes, some of which I was already familiar, by people who seem to experience this world in a similar way. I sense a kindred spirit and just wanted to express my thanks. Thank you for existing and helping others to feel less alone in this world : )

hello my dear friend

My friend konmark,
I am very proud to see that you are improoving with everything you are doing. I like your work.
Take care
Antonio Karlos Koenigs


Hi Kon
your website is really cool!

Hola Kon !

Xaire filtate Kon!
Poly omorfo to site sou...kai gia ta erga sou ta'xoume pei ki apo konta ;-)
Heavy Me[n]tal Power!Kalh synexeia me to metaptyxiako sou, aderfe...

Well done, young lad! Keep up the good work...!

O [palio]filos sou,

Spyros Kaprinis