Angelic Flights
Angelic Flights is a collaborative project featuring artwork by Kon Markogiannis, haiku poems in English and Irish by Gabriel Rosenstock, Greek translations by Sarah Thilykou and Japanese translations by Maki Starfield.

"These glimpses caught in words or images are each so weightless and so shifting that you could think they have no substance . . . that is, until the moment when like curling smoke and light they touch each other in the darkness, and a bright perception takes form, looks back at us, comes alive".

- Philip Gross (Author & Professor of Creative Writing)

"The exquisite fusion of image and word renders a deeply satisfying aesthetic experience, whereby we are transmuted by its profundity, exquisiteness and light. Indeed, accomplished artists in their own right, photographer and poet have melded their talents to produce a visceral and ethereal monograph on the flights of angels and in turn have lifted up our souls to the very gods".

- Paula Marvelly (Author & Editor, The Culturium)